Pioneer Power Meter System - SGYPM910V (including installation)

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About Pioneer Power Meter System - SGYPM910V (including installation)
Pioneer's Gen 2 Power Meter System provides comprehensive data to improve your performance at every pedal stroke thanks to dual-leg power measurement.
The Pioneer SGYPM910V Power Meter is a revolutionary 2nd Generation Power Meter featuring independent left and right pedaling monitor sensors for accurate measurement of a rider's power output. Sensors on each crank arm provide readings 12 times per pedal rotation to provide comprehensive data which allows indepth power performance analysis.
In the high tech world of modern competitive cycling Pro Teams, Club Riders, Triathletes, and Fitness enthusiasts are utilising tools to measure metrics such as heart rate, cadence, speed, and distance. For the serious cyclist, a tool for measuring and analysing power is considered to be the most important element for increasing fitness. It's the key to taking performance to a whole new level. Pioneer offers a unique and complete power meter system, providing the most comprehensive measurement of strength and stamina available. The range of data produced allows riders to have access to in depth information for understanding and achieving new benchmarks in fitness and performance on the bike.
The new Generation 2 Pioneer SGYPM910V sets a new standard in power data measurement. Developed with input from the WorldTour Belkin Pro Cycling Team this revolutionary power meter allows analysis of each leg independently. By detecting minute changes in strain on the crank every 30˚ during pedalling, the SGYPM910V measures "force" and "direction of force" in 12 locations per cycle for each leg independently. With this data, analyse the unique characteristics of your pedalling, and quantify your performance as a "Pedalling Efficiency" value. Independent measurement of each leg removes the inaccuracies associated with summed values produced by single sensor power meters. The thin, lightweight sensor unit is compatible Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000 and Ultegra FC-6800 cranksets and supports ANT+ devices. Versatile and unobtrusive, the sensors and magnets can easily be installed on a wide range of frame types. Accurate and reliable even under the harshest conditions with water-resistance rated IPX6/IPX7 and operational temperatures from -10°C to 50°C.

Product Details

  • Price includes fitting to bike
  • Does not include Cranks


World's first high-precision measurement of force magnitude and force direction
Independent left and right leg power measurement every 30° of rotation
Generation 2 design
Thin-profile sensors and two types of rotation detector magnets that fit a wide range of frames,
Simple maintenance operations for zero point calibration and battery replacement.
Water resistance rating: IPX-6/IPX-7
Temperature range: -10 to 50°C
Right-hand side transmitter cover included in metallic red and metallic gray finishes, to suit your style and frame colour
Comaptible with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 or Ultegra 6800 cranksets
Compatible with almost any road or TT frame.
Cost includes professional installation and return shipping of a SGYPM910V to your crankset by our Pioneer qualified technicians.

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